ASSETMAPS offers its subscribers, via Internet, professional software for integrated management and the most advanced technical means to host data.
An innovating and strong technological architecture :
Software is installed on powerful servers, managed by ASSETMAPS.
Users’ data and files are stored on data servers secured by "firewalls", and are protected against all aggression and external intrusion.
The subscribed user connects via a universal navigator due to his secret login and password. This data is encrypted, therefore inaccessible for third-parties. Whether material or software ASSETMAPS architecture uses the most advanced technologies.


Centralize your data security with ASSETMAPS !

To host its management applications and its subscribers’ data, ASSETMAPS decided to rely on the services of first-class telecommunication operators : NEUF TELECOM Thus, since opening his account, each ASSETMAPS subscriber benefits from the professional services of a large-scale Internet hosting center, with automatic security, regular saving of data, data recovery procedures in case of incidents etc.

redundant infrastructure

For immediate contact :
Commercial department telephone number : 33 (0)

Commercial department e-mail:
- demo assisted by a commercial representative
- Available commercial materials (PDF-format)
- Bill of prices in less than 24 hours.

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