You access your data on any Internet surfer, as easily as with a webpage. On your PC, on a client’s PC, on public PC (cybercafé, hotels, parlors). ASSETMAPS is an application devised for the Internet and stands out from the client-server hosted or stored applications.


Your data is stored in a central server using the best security technology.
For companies, such a security level might require significant investment. With ASSETMAPS, you are provided with all means required for full security.
Your access is full secure and encrypted (SSL 128 bits).


You considerably cut down your IT costs both in what concerns material and logistics and human resources. You save considerably with transport and communication. You eliminate hugely ‘paperwork’ within your company.

 With a simple navigator you are ready to use the ASSETMAPS applications.
 No specific software or materials to purchase, install, and maintain.
 Updates are performed transparently and automatically, and bring new utilizations to all users.
 Your data is accessible in a secure mode since any Internet access : your collaborators’ PCs, your PC at home, and even all means of public access (info-kiosks in airports, railroad stations, hotels....)
 Synchronization is performed in real-time offering each user 100%-updated data.
 Since each user has access to separated data, you need not allot human and technical resources to the synchronization operations.

 It requires installing software, not only on laptops / desktops, but also on servers and requires significant time to configure.
 It implies that companies purchase, install and maintain countless software and materials.
 Users have to go through a long and costly update process and need to purchase new software and materials again.
 It requires that each user to be with and in front of his computer.
 Each user has to pay close attention to update the data not only at his workstation, but also general data.
 Commissioning, whenever functional, requires hours of availability for technicians.

For immediate contact :
Commercial department telephone number : 33 (0)

Commercial department e-mail:
- demo assisted by a commercial representative
- Available commercial materials (PDF-format)
- Bill of prices in less than 24 hours.

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