"For years I have used a traditional-premises management application Client/Server type. In time, I would spend longer maintaining the application, after my site-visits, instead of appropriately managing the AF AUTOMOTIVE premises : maintenance, updates to new versions, synchronization.
ASSETMAPS allows me to the premises of a workshop anywhere anytime, on an assistant or technician’s computer.
ASSETMAPS is the path to effective asset management, in the plant and not in my office. I very easily edit or send lists of materials to move via e-mail."

 Roger Servan
Premises Manager

"Using ASSETMAPS allows us to have a full history of movements in the asset base and also improve our manager’s effectiveness’.

Due to a relevant link with the fixed asset sheet, everybody’s tasks are synchronized perfectly : the mobile asset and the IT managers administer their assets and inform accountants very easily on the fixed assets to leave the file. Thus we make sure that our fixed asset-file is updated and we do not pay any professional fee such as that of equipment that no longer exists."

 Olivier Guy
Administrative Director

"We have appreciated ASSETMAPS since it came into use. Actually, this tool measures instantaneously which allows us to use it immediately without having to rely on any other kind of assistance for the installation (cost reduction)."

 Louis Bertrand
General Manager

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